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How do I Pick the Right Assignment for Me?

As every nurse knows, the career path is full of excitement – ups, downs, highs and lows and all sorts of opportunities for advancement, adventure, and education. Many nurses may eventually look for more challenging assignments or roles within healthcare, such as working in Accident and Emergency departments, or even going abroad as a travel nurse.


Travel nurses have the whole world at their fingertips, and they are well placed to take assignments almost wherever they want within reason. Picking the right assignment can be challenging – where, when, why, how – are important questions that arise. After all, when you have almost the whole world to choose from, how do you pick the right place for you?


Where do you want to go?

The most important thing to consider when choosing assignments is knowing both your capacity for challenge as well as what you want to get out of your assignment. Someone who is new to nursing in general, for example, may not pick the most involved, high stress assignments with long hours on the other side of the country.


So how do you pick the right location for you? Here are a couple of quick points:


  • Consider length and scope of assignment.
  • Location, distance from home, level of support available from friends and family.
  • Location of work – hospital, clinic, etc and how you will adapt
  • Housing situation – whether you need to find your own or if it will be provided
  • Rate of pay – pay can differ for nurses from state to state
  • Ease of transition into your own location, whether it will take you awhile to get comfortable (for example, Hawaii and Alaska would be quite different to some other states!)
  • How easy it will be to get home in the event of an important event, death in the family etc.


So how do you decide what assignment to take? What is most important to you in your work and why would you pick the assignments you do? Tell us in the comments section below!