Should you know of a great candidate for one of our open positions, let us know. If the candidate is hired you will receive money in your pocket. It’s that simple and the process is easy. Just contact the Corporate Recruiter or Human Resources Manager with your best referral.

In the unlikely event of an accident or injury on the job, Pulse Healthcare provides full coverage Workers’ Compensation so you never have to worry about undue medical expenses or lost wages due to an incident.

Contract specified liability insurance is also provided to employees during the tenure and performance of their duties with Pulse Healthcare.

Planning for your future is always a smart idea and our company sponsored 401(k) plan can help. The plan features easy set-up and management, is always accessible on-line or by phone and offers a company match.

Direct Deposit ensures your paycheck is delivered quickly and easily to the bank or banks of your choice each and every pay day. No more waiting for access to your funds.