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The 2017 Best Travel Nursing Destinations in the United States

Travel nursing is all about travelling to new places in line of duty. There is a lot of freedom and difficult choices to make about the next destination to relocate to. Several openings could be available at different good cities but the process of picking up one becomes herculean.  A lot of variables however, have to be taken in to account before settling at an ideal place. Besides work, there are also many other elements that help in defining an ideal location for every travel nurse. The pay rates and cost of living top the list followed by other units that would make life comfortable in a new environment. The looks for the best cities for travel nurses.

  1. New York city

New York State is one of the top health care employers in the United States. It has ‘several state of the art’ health care facilities that offer incredible opportunities for professional growth and experience. There is high demand of nurses in the New York and this means that work will always be available. Its awesome salary packages and benefits is another pulling factor for travel nurses.

The empire state is known as a hub of adventure and fun by many travelers. After a hard work it is natural to have some fun and relax the mind. New York provides a variety of places to have fun. Its diversified landscape is ideal for adventure, and the city offers the greatest restaurants, shopping, night outs and cultural attractions. Its good architecture also ensures that you have splendid housing facilities.

  1. North Carolina

North Carolina is another adventure and fun filled destination to work in as a travel nurse. It harbors the best paying metropolitan areas for nurses in the United States. Its hospitals offer good experience and they are centered in a relatively small area.  There are a lot of job openings available with very awesome pay packages.

Outside the hospital, North Carolina’s 300 mile Atlantic coastline is an ideal joint for refreshing up. Its immaculate beaches and coastal villages are places one would visit over and over again. The Blue Ridge parkway is an adventure no one would want to skive and there are mountains for those passionate about hiking.

  1. Oklahoma

When looking for a place with the lowest cost of living, then Oklahoma is the best option. It has very good and affordable housing. Its tranquil fields produce crops in surplus making food very cheap and affordable.

Oklahoma also possess the strength of offering good adventure and experience. It has the largest population of Native Americans with good attractions including museums and big cultural centers. It also has modern cities with very good architecture giving an effect of easy city life.

Several nurse assignment jobs are available in Oklahoma. A good number of health facilities are available too. The salaries offered are also very competitive and there are many other benefits that travel nurses in Oklahoma enjoy. It is also a good home for professional experience for nurses.