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The Difficulties of Being a Travel Nurse

Travel nurse job of a traveling nurse will have to possess the quality of adaptability – yes, she should be able to blend into whatever new environment she finds herself. While traveling and attending to jobs one after the other, a traveling nurse will meet with a lot of people and assignments, so adaptability is required on her part, else she will experience some setbacks in her chosen career.

A travel nurse employment may require that a nurse cuts ties with shyness because nursing requires that you relate with a lot of people – co-workers and patients. So a nurse should learn how to quickly build relationships with people – old or new, else becoming a traveling nurse will be very difficult.

Some weird and unpleasant situations may come your way sometimes, therefore, you should learn how to deal with such situations diligently as a traveling nurse. Because you are traveling from one place to another, things may go wrong or some situations may be hectic. You will have to learn how to manage such situations, otherwise your chosen career may suddenly become boring to you. Even when you seem to have succinct details about where you are going to or the challenges you will or may face, time and unforeseen events may still occur that could cause a change of plans – you must be ever ready for such! For those that may find it difficult to work as traveling nurses, they may just settle for contemporary nursing jobs.

If you are the home sick type; that is, if you can’t stay away from home for a very long time (say 6 – 52 weeks), you may never bother to apply for a traveling nurse job because a typical traveling nurse job may require that you stay away from home for close to 6 – 52 weeks. However, if you chose to apply for a traveling nurse job, you will have the opportunity to select the location you want to go to and the kind of assignments to receive.

Often times, a traveling nurse may be on call 24 hours of the day; meaning that there wouldn’t be too much of time for her for leisure. So for nurses who wish to work for a specified period of time, working as a traveling nurse could be upsetting, thus draining them physically and mentally.

You have a lot of things to deal with as a traveling nurse – different attitudes of co-workers and patients, resentment being one of them. For instance, if a fellow nurse knows that you work as a traveling nurse, jealousy may evoke because she knows that you will be receiving higher payments because of the convenience to patients attached to your job (you’ll receive extra payments for home services and travels). In that case, resentment and envy my set in. in such a situation, you have to learn to be patient and calm, know that you have a career to pursue and you are pursuing it, know that it is simply your job you are doing!

Finally, one of the most difficult situations to deal with is coping with the agency which helped you get the job and the facility that hired the agency you work for. There are moments that there will be conflicts in the contract you signed and the assignments that the facility that hired your agency wants you to perform.