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Travel Nursing

What does it take

We broadsk fellow Travel Nurses what skills they have determined to be essential for their careers. Most state the basic credentials required: RN Degree, experience in a speciality, but we go on a deeper level to assist you in preparing for the Travel Nursing career you always wanted. Ā The following is a list of skills which enable you to succeed in your assignment and have the best experience for your years to come.


Love of Exploration :

This isn’t a skill, but it is the most important desire to have. Everyone in Travel nursing career must have the love of seeing new things and wanting to be to there exploring. Many nurses consider taking these assignments for the paycheck, and many are subsequently unhappy with the constant moving. Thats why we list the number one trait to have is the want and need to explore in the first place.

Emotional Intelligence Skills

With all the new travels, you will be developing new relationships which take time and effort. While you have proven your IQ with RN certification, it also takes EQ to succeed. As a travel nurse Teresa stated, “You have to be able to understand, relate and empathize with your patients and your co workers” In your career, you will find your network and peers are the foundation to your happiness and success in your path, and we list this in our article as a skill to work on.


Perhaps the most important skill needed as a Travel Nurse, If you can handle all the new environments, then you will thrive in this career. Most Travel Nursing assignments agree, you will have a high advantage if you can work efficiently in the high stress, highly changing environments you will encounter as a travel nurse. Moving from different areas and places every few month can be a hassle to many, but if you know yourself and enjoy the challenge, travel nursing is the right path for you.


We hope these insights have highlighted some traits required to be a part of the Travel Nursing industry. There are several quizzes and self assessments one can take to determine which skills they need to work out. Several questions one should ask themselves are:

  • Do I embrace change, locations and new processes easily
  • Do I learn from my mistakes and grow
  • Am I excited to discover and explore new cities
  • Can I speak comfortably in a room full of new people
  • Am I aware of my emotions

Some of these self reflections will let you know where you are personally with some of the above skills. Do not worry if you don’t feel confident with your answers, you can always learn them and work on these skills. Be aware of these top traits and actively try to work on them on your new assignments or current ones. Sooner or later, you will be improving your career and relationships for the better.