Travel with Pulse

Health care staff often complain that administrators do not understand the struggles of direct patient care. It doesn’t matter how much time one spends documenting; a practitioner could never describe everything that is done in the course of a day. No number of clicks on a computer screen can accurately value the time spent comforting a grieving family member. Notes in a chart can never quantify the worth of educating the family of a scared toddler. Pulse Healthcare is different. Pulse’s core management has over five decades of direct patient care experience. We understand the process of patient care.

At Pulse, we believe that the professionals who interact with patients are the face of any health care organization. The quality of their care will affect patient outcomes, patient satisfaction, customer loyalty, and reimbursement. Understanding the importance of health care professionals, Pulse offers its employees growth opportunities alongside the high pay and benefits they deserve. In addition, we at Pulse recognize the difficult job these professionals perform and reward them with a performance bonus with each assignment. This is our way of saying “thank you” for providing our families and friends with the best care.

At Pulse, we do not place applicants and forget about them. Our reputation is linked to our candidates. Our success is dependent upon their success.