Do you want to give the gift of a good employer to your friend and get paid? It is simple! Please provide his/her contact details on the referral program page. You will earn $1,000.00 when your friend signs up (must be New to Pulse Healthcare) and successfully completes a 13-week assignment with us.

The option to elect Short-term Disability Coverage for up to 13 weeks of missed work and a Basic Individual Life Insurance Policy are provided to all of our full-time travelers.

Promoting the continuing education of our employees is important to us; therefore, Pulse Healthcare provides annual CEU reimbursements to full-time staff. Details are available based on position and contract.

Your enrollment in our company-matching 401(k) program allows you to save more money toward your retirement.

In the unlikely event of an accident or injury on the job, Pulse Healthcare provides full coverage Workers’ Compensation so you never have to worry about undue medical expenses or lost wages due to an incident. Contract-specified liability insurance is also provided to employees during the tenure and performance of their duties with Pulse Healthcare.

It is our goal to make sure both you and our agency are in full compliance with all IRS rules and regulations. We use data recognized by the IRS that is specific by region to ensure you’ll get the maximum legal tax benefit allowed by law. Why? Because we know how you’d feel if you ended up with an unpleasant surprise during a tax audit down the road. Operating in the “gray area” when it comes to your taxes is not worth the risk – just ask any travel nurse who’s been audited.